Migrating from IntalioDynamicForms 1.0.x to IntalioDynamicForms 1.2.x



The parameter OtrsUrl has been changed to SystemUrl.

The parameter values have also been changed in the default configuration file: OTRS_URL -> XSYSTEM_URLX


Is a parameter that will automatically be changed to the appropriate system url during package installation.



Added SystemUrl_DEV, if running the development version, the shipping address is taken from here.



This parameter stored the initial prefix to the forms system. Now its content has been changed from static /otrs/route.pl/dynamic-forms/ to dynamic XSYSTEM_ALIASX

This parameter is automatically completed during package installation.



Field config

Field ID and changing the values of the system fields

When you want to change a value in OTRS, previously this was done using e.g. OTRS_Ticket_Queue, OTRS_Ticket..., now you can use one of the three entries OTRS_Ticket... OTOBO_Ticket... SYSTEM_Ticket...

SYSTEM_TICKET is good practice



the otrs_visible parameter, from now on can be called either otrs_visible, otobo_visible or system_visible 

Good practice is system_visible.

By default, if someone does not fill in this field - it will be automatically set to "article".

FIX(1.2.x) From now on the value "article" is assigned only to the article (this was not the case before)


PDF Field

The name of the printed PDF was taken from the field OTRS_Ticket_Title, now this field can be called both SYSTEM_Ticket_Title and OTOBO_Ticket_Title, if it is not, the pdf will be called IntalioDynamicForm


Additional information

1. Translations in forms should not point to OTRS so we changed e.g. "OTRS rejected the form!" to "The system rejected the form!"