HTML/FAQ (faq)


Field of type "faq" allows to render any html code. You can use it, for example, to search for duplicate tickets and inform the person filling in the form that such a ticket already exists in the system (just use "faq" field with API running).

    "hidden": false,
    "value": "<ul><li><a href=''>Ticket1 already exists!</a></li></ul>"

In fact, whatever appears in the "value" field will be rendered, you can use this field to separate e.g. sections of the form or to display images.

Example - knowledge base:

  "size": "s12 m12",
  "type": "faq",
  "id": "FAQ1",
  "label": "Infos from knowledge base",
  "validate": [
  "icon": "help",
  "hidden": true,
  "value": "No data...",
  "background_color": "#f5f5f5",
  "api_add_lang": true,
  "api_watcher": {
  "delay_api": "",
  "fields": [
	    "field_id": "Field_with_problem",
    	"api": "${value}"
    	"field_id": "A_field_to_describe_the_problem",
    	"api": "${value}"


The background color of the field.


The rest of the available parameters:

This field supports all parameters with "Attributes available for each field".