Main configuration file - global settings

This topic refers to the file static/SystemConfig.json. 

Example configuration file:
  "SystemUrl": "XSYSTEM_URLX", 
  "Alias": "XSYSTEM_ALIASX",
  "SystemUrl_DEV": ""
  "ShowLangButton": true, 
  "LangButtonColor": "#333333", 
  "GlobalLang": "pl",
  "RedirectButtons": [
      "color": "#333333",
      "label": "Moje zgłoszenia", 
      "redirectURL": "" 
      "color": "#333333",
      "label": "Nowe zgłoszenie",
      "redirectURL": ""

Description of individual values:

OtrsUrl/SystemUrl - Address of the OTRS/OTOBO module that will accept the request
Alias - Alias under which the forms will appear
ShowLangButton - Should the language change button be visible (if we have only one language, we can hide it)
LangButtonColor - Color of the language change button
GlobalLang - Default form language (loaded by default, unless otherwise specified by OTRS configuration)
RedirectButtons - Optional forwarding buttons


Company Site is an additional redirection button

RedirectButtons parameters - this parameter counts an array with objects containing parameters
show - should the button be visible
color - color of the redirection button
label - button caption
redirectURL - forwarding address