File and directory structure


Excluding the files and directories necessary to operate the system (i.e. css, fonts, js, service-worker.js), the main application directory contains several elements that are of interest to us:

/FORMS directory

In this folder we will define and style all our forms.

/styles directory

files that allow you to configure the appearance of the form (changing colors, styling views, control buttons, etc.).

/templates directory

configuration files of each form

config.json file

list of active forms

SystemConfig.json file

Main system configuration, here you set communication with OTRS, default language and many more [[[more in the Main configuration file - global settings]]].

manifest.json file

This file is responsible for PWA settings (for more advanced users), if you are not an advanced user - leave it as it is.

index.html file

In this file you can change the title of the form page, you can change it by changing the text in the <title></title> attribute.