Multilanguage translation support

To create a translation for the template file we have to create a separate file:

  • XYZ_translations_strings.json

In the installation process, XYZ_translations_strings.json is being merged to the global translations list. Depends on the user preferences strings a system iterate over the right prefix and look for appropriate translations.  Look on the example below:

  • XYZ_translations_strings.json
	"Contract number",
	"Contract name",
	"Remaining time",
	"Support start date",
	"Support end date",
	"Number of hours in the support",
	"Service information",
	"No service assigned",
	"Contract loading..."

Be careful correctly type the module path!

package Kernel::Language::pl_xyzWidget;

use strict;
use warnings;
use utf8;
use vars qw(@ISA $VERSION);

sub Data {
    my $Self = shift;

	$Self->{Translation}->{"Contract loading..."} = "Ładowanie kontraktu...";
    $Self->{Translation}->{"Contract number"} = "Numer kontraktu";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"Contract name"} = "Nazwa kontraktu";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"Remaining time"} = "Pozostały czas";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"Support start date"} = "Początek wsparcia";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"Support end date"} = "Koniec wsparcia";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"Number of hours in the support"} = "Godziny w ramach wsparcia";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"Service information"} = "Informacje o usłudze";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"left"} = "pozostało";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"exceeded"} = "przekroczono";
	$Self->{Translation}->{"h"} = "godz.";
    $Self->{Translation}->{"No service assigned"} = "Brak przypisanej usługi";

    return 1;