Installation or update

Download the latest version of the zimlet package from and unpack it in /tmp (as root):

cd /tmp
tar xvzf ./zi-licensesystem-1.0.15-zimbra9.tar_.gz

Run installation script (as root):

cd ./ZI-LicenseSystem-1.0.15-Zimbra9/
perl ./ZI-Installer --install-deps

At the beginning required perl packages will be installed if they are not available in the system already:


Answer: Y and wait until package manager finishes its work:



Type: Y and press Enter


In the last step you will be asked to restart mailbox service. You can skip it (answer: N) and restart mailbox service manually later but until that zimlet will not work properly.

If you are going to install another zimlet right after this one it's not necessary to restart mailbox at this point and you can do it only once after installing the last one.