Login as administrator to Zimbra Administration Console. ZI-SecurityIncident configuration panel is available on Main Page -> Migration and tools -> ZI-SecurityInciden


Email settings
  • From - sender of the notification email
  • To - recipient of the notification email
  • Subject - subject of the notification email
  • Names of attachments  - names of the unsafe attachments
  • Content - content of the message
Archive password settings
  • Password is the current date - password of the ziped attachment is a date of the received message
  • Date format -
  • Static password - password of the zipped attachment when option Password is the current date is unchecked
System for generating message preview
  • Generate secure message preview - if set, unsafe message is convertyd to pdf
  • Delete unsafe code from preview - if set, unsafe code is removed from preview
  • Display images from external sources - if set, images form external sources will be included in processed message
  • Display images already processed by the system - if set, images in message will be processed