1. Description

General purpose of this module is to create recurring tasks as OTRS tickets. It is suitable for any area in the organisation, where various tasks and actions must be performed based on regular basis. Examples are:

  • IT system and application maintenance (restart, upgrade, backup etc.) every month
  • company report generation every Monday
  • customer call every day

2. Create recurring task template

To create recurring task template (but also view already configured items), go to "Recurring Tasks" in the main menu.


Click "Add new..." button to open recurring task template form.

There you can set all necessary details for future tickets.


3. Edit recurring task template

To edit existing template go to "Recurring Tasks" in the main menu and select task from the "Available tasks" list.


Then you can modify template parameters.


If you want to prevent specific task to recur, set the value of the filed "Validity" to "invalid" or "invalid-temporarily" instead of deleting it.

4. Remove recurring task template

To remove specific task template, click the "x" button on the "Available tasks" list.