If ZI-Knock  Zimlet is installed for a first time, ZI-LicenseSystem Zimlet needs to be installed before ZI-Knock. To install ZI-LicenseSystem:

  • unpack the received archive ZI-LicenseSystem-xxx.tar.gz
tar xzvf ZI-LicenseSystem-xxx.tar.gz
  • run installation script
cd ZI-LicenseSystem-xxx
perl ZI-Installer --install-deps

During the installation process do according to received instructions.

ZI-Knock Zimlet installator is packed into a tar.gz archive . The installation process has the following steps:

  • unpacking received Zimlet archive (we assume, that file is located in /tmp folder):
cd /tmp/
tar xzvf ZI-Knock-1.2.tar.gz
cd ZI-Knock-1.2
  • evoking installation process (as root):
perl ZI-Installer --install-deps

During installation process User will have to activate License of the ZI-Knock ZImlet. The activation process starts after receiving following screen:

Please eneteryour login:
Enter your password:

In this step User have to user credentials informations received with the ZImlet.

After successful authentication, User have to choose proper License:

|                                    Licenses                                                                                       |
| Nr | LicenseNumber    | Description                                                                      | 
| 1 | nprFvwVdDbOP4N8AjG2noPKa | ZI-License for Intalio ZimbraDemo |
Please choose an option or type exit

License Id will be different form those in an example.

Choose 1. 

In case of the multi server instalation, zimlet must bu installed on every mailbox.

Remeber to restart all mailboxes (as root):
zmmailboxdctl restart

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