Conference Rooms - Installation and Administration Guide



OTRS package installation

The Conference Rooms package for OTRS (.opm file) is responsible for installing all necessary system components including: 

To install the package, login to your OTRS system and open the Admin / Overview page. 


Find the Package Manager. 

You can use the Filter for Items field to narrow down visible options.


In the Actions block on the left, click Choose file, upload the opm file and click Install Package


If you see a notification about an unverified package, click Continue to proceed with the installation. 


If the installation was successful, you should see a welcome message on the screen.


The new tab is also visible in the main navigation bar.


Please note that the installation process might take a while. As long as the installation process is not completed the yellow bar will be displayed on top of the page.




Dynamic Fields Configuration

The correct configuration of dynamic fields will allow users to see more information about reservations on the ticket view.

Open the Admin dropdown menu and pick Overview.


Go to Dynamic Fields in Processes & Automation section

Click on the ReservationID row in the list

Add the URL for reservation in Show link field
Example:[% Data.ReservationID | uri %]&sessionId=[% Env("SessionID") %]
Click Save and finish. 


Adding dynamic fields visibility to Ticket view

Open the Admin dropdown menu and pick System Configuration

In the search bar type AgentTicketZoom###DynamicField and click Enter. 

We recommend setting visibility for the following dynamic fields:

1. Add new entry by clicking the Plus sign. 
2. Enter Dynamic Field Name (e.g. ReservationID) and enable it. 
3. Repeat this process for other fields

Save the settings by clicking checkmark.


Settings deployment

Every changes in OTRS configuration needs to be deployed. 

If you have undeployed settings you should see a yellow bar under the main menu. Click it and you will be forwarded to the deyployment page. 


If you don't see a yellow bar go to the Admin / System configuration / Deployment