System configuration

In the system configuration you will find plenty of fields that will allow you to customise your conference rooms system. 

To see all configuration options:

  1. Click on the Admin tab and pick System configuration
  2. Find Intalio Conference Rooms in the Navigation bar
  3. From the dropdown menu choose Frontend -> Base



List of additional resources that are available to pick by the users when they schedule a reservation i.e.


Defines group name for the Conference Rooms admin users.
Add an agent to this group to gain the Admin permissions. 

Example value: closed successsful


Defines the default state of accepted reservation

Example value: closed successsful


Defines the default state of pending reservation

Example value: new


Defines the default state of rejected reservation

Example value: rejected


Defines the minumum time (in minutes) between reservations. 
The user will not be able to create another reservation in less than e.g. 15 minutes before and after the given reservation. This limitation allows you to prepare the room for the next meeting. 

Example value: 15


Defines the default queue for new room reservation ticket. 

Example value: Reservations


List of possible room types. 
Users will be able to filter rooms based on this parameter. 

System administrator

Some of the configuration features of the Conference Rooms system are accessible only for the administrators group. 

Read more about configuring Conference Room including administrators group name

Checking if you are an admin

There is a label in the title bar on the dashboard and check config pages that describe your current role. If you see the You are admin label it means that you have the admin rights. 



Checking configuration

We created a simple page that allow administrators check out the current Conference Rooms system configuration. 

Go to Conference Rooms' check config page - /checkConfig?sessionId=tpXQ89oXql0BfuPKvfss09wZwC232yHA (remember to update the sessionId parameter). 

Only administrators are allowed to see the page content. Read more about system configuration including setting the administrator group.